Technical characteristics:

double walled tank and a full steel door

300 to 600 kg of capacity

power of the main engine in 22& 37 kw with the roation of 950 per minute

power of the gear boxes and rotation of mixers can be regulated with the customet needs

the diameter of each mixing arm is different and the rotation of the mixers are 15 to 70 per minute

the pot can be controlled at every angle by the electric board and it can also be rotated up to 90

fitted with an electrical main bord with a remote inverter

out poring in done by a hydrolic telescopic jack or a mechanical bolt.

can be fitted by steaming, cold and hot water for keeping the material at any temperature

no need fora a foundation for installation and the weight of machine is 4500 kg the are 250x200 and the hight is 200 cm

it has a 1 year garanty and after sale service